Kim Miller

Hi there! I'm Kim, the owner and woman behind the camera at Ramblin’ Rose Photography. I started Ramblin' Rose Phototgraphy in 2002 and it's been one hell of a ride but I've never looked back.

Throughout my career I've always been a bit of a "reluctant" artist and it still feels a little weird when people call me that but it's growing on me. I don't have an art degree and never had a specific calling to be a photographer. Honestly, the opportunity to start working in the field just happened to fall in my lap. I was living in Minneapolis at the time and a friend of mine was a photographer who needed a second shooter and so the journey began. I really loved the work and it seemed to come naturally for me. I love people and I find so much beauty in every day life so when I realized that I could use a camera to create images that captured the beauty of life and the human spirit, I was hooked! 

My goal is now, and has always been, to create images that reflect who YOU are! Because seriously, that's where the real beauty is!!! 

Oh, and in case you are wondering why I chose the name Ramblin' Rose.......well, it was a nickname given to me in my twenties because I was always traveling and I moved around a lot. My passion to see the world has not changed and I suspect it never will. Road trips are one of my favorite things! I have a wild heart and a gypsy soul and I wouldn't want it any other way.  

I can't wait to meet you! xoxo, Kim


Lesley gilmer 


I joined Ramblin' Rose in 2007.  Kim and I have been friends for years and I guess we are a pretty good fit given we are both artists with different mediums. I love designing for Kim and our clients. It is always fun to see different families and rosettes through the lens of her camera. I have a passion for the printed piece. Who gets to have this much fun working?     I do, I do! 


The most important thing to me is my family so I know how important your photos are to you. There is nothing I love more than knowing your are happy with your images!  My two redheads basically belong to Kim as well since they have grown up in front of her camera. We love her like family!