Thomas's senior session ~ Memphis portrait photographer

Ok, have I mentioned how much I love photographing seniors?! Well, I do.........I really, really do!

The senior year of high school is such an exciting time in every teenager's life and senior portraits have come such a long way! When I was a senior, the only options we had were those cheesy studio shots with big numbers, plastic plants,  and mirrors and some of you know exactly what i'm talking about!!!  And now, well, these young adults get to express themselves in their senior session and we get to create images that reflect who they really are at this time in their lives and I think that is pretty freakin' awesome! Self expression for the win!!!

For this handsome gent's session, we decided to start in my studio because he had a couple of ideas in mind for cool shots that required some dramatic lighting that I knew would be easy to achieve in the studio. Thomas loves photography and the fact that he came to his session with a killer attitude and an open mind just made it that much easier to get the shot and I'd say he nailed it!

After we wrapped up in the studio, we headed outdoors which is my favorite place to be! 

And then Thomas did a quick outfit change and we headed to the beach! Well, as close to the beach as you can get in Memphis. i will just go ahead and say that this was my favorite set of images from the session. He was completely relaxed and immediately got rid of his shoes and climbed onto the tree. The images have an "island life" vibe that looks great on Thomas! And yes, just stating the obvious here, he's pretty easy on the eyes! 

Thomas plays water polo for Arlington High so we finished up his session at the pool where his team practices. When his mom presented this idea to me, I was all about it! I'm always up for something different and had a blast shooting these!!!

It's a great big world out there Thomas and I'm excited to see where you go next! I have zero doubts that you will do great things:)

Congratulations to Thomas Scott ~ Class of 2018

xoxo, Kim




 Ramblin' Rose Photography is a Memphis portrait photographer specializing in senior photography,  family photography, boudoir photography, and newborn photography. Kim Miller (aka Ramblin' Rose) has been a Memphis portrait photographer for several years and has a passion capturing the beauty of your journey and for helping women feel beautiful and empowered. Ramblin' Rose Photography is also available for travel to just about anywhere in this great big world!

Baker's newborn session ~ Memphis newborn photographer

Oh my, I love newborn sessions! I seriously can't think of many things sweeter than a newborn baby! Well, ok, if you throw a puppy or kitten into the mix, that would be a little sweeter but I digress.....

I have known this beautiful new mommy since she was still in her momma's belly so being the one to capture Morgan & Chris as they begin their journey together as brand new parents was extra special and personal for me. These are the moments that you want to freeze and hold onto as long as you can!!!

I had so many favorite images from Baker's newborn session but I tried to narrow it down to a reasonable number here. Is Baker not THE cutest nugget you've ever seen?! Seriously, she's pretty freakin'  cute! And her wide range of facial expressions are the BEST!!!!

At home with the Hickmans / Memphis portrait photographer

Sometimes in life you cross paths with a person and you know that you're meant to be friends. Well, Karlee (the beautiful mommy in these photos) was one of those people for me. We met a few years ago and we've been laughing together ever since! And don't even get me started on her beautiful family! So, as you can imagine, I was quite enthusiastic about getting these 4 (+ one bun in the oven) in front of the camera. We did the session at their home because I wanted to capture them in their element and I wanted the girls to be able to run, play, chase the chickens, etc. and it was perfect! Well, super hot and humid but aside from that, perfection. I could seriously ramble on and on about the Hickmans but I'll just say that "I love them a lot" and get on with some of my favorite images from their session because I truly do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Side note: I cannot wait to meet baby girl #3!!!

xoxo, Kim


Kim Miller, owner of Ramblin' Rose Photography, is a Memphis portrait photographer specializing in lifestyle & portrait photography including Memphis newborn photography, Memphis boudoir photography, and Memphis family photography. Simply put, she loves photographing people!

Venita Doggett is a Memphis Woman who kicks ass / Memphis portrait photographer

YES! It's time to celebrate another Memphis woman that's kicking ass! Venita Doggett is our guest of honorand you know how much we love a good party so let's get this one started right now!


I met Venita several months ago at the best booty shakin' Zumba class in Memphis. It was my very first time there and I remember noticing Venita right away because, well, she has beautiful, wild & bad ass hair! (that should not surprise anyone that knows me btw) And then she gave me a friendly smile and we both proceeded to shake our booties, dance & sweat for an hour. We both kept going to the dance class every week and each time we would talk a bit more and then the 2016 presidential election happened! The night after the election, I remember standing in the parking of Raleigh community center after class talking with her about the election and what it was going to mean for our country and I started to cry and she just gave me the biggest hug. At that moment, she left a lasting impression on me. She is a person who feels compassion for her fellow man/woman. We are all in this together!

Venita is also an intelligent and bold woman who is not afraid to stand up and speak out for what she believes is right and that, my friends, is a trait I admire greatly! In the world of social media and approval seeking that we live in, who someone really is and what they stand for can become a bit blurred so in my humble opinion, we could use more folks like Venita in the world. Not to mention the incredible example she is setting for her 2 beautiful daughters!

In a nutshell, Venita keeps it REAL and that is reason enough for me and many others to think that she is one seriously kick ass woman! 

Venita, thank you for being you!  xoxo, Kim

And now.......the photo shoot! Oh my lord, this woman right here is gorgeous and hilarious!!! And when I asked her if she had ever modeled before (because, ummmm, she should), she just laughed and said "Girl, Tyra Banks taught me some tricks" and then I laughed because Tyra has taught us all some tricks. Seriously, America's next Top Model....the best!  

And a big thank you to make up artist, Kasey Acuff, for taking Venita's gorgeousness to the next level. So beautiful!!!


Kim Miller, owner of Ramblin' Rose Photography, is a Memphis portrait photographer specializing in Memphis boudoir photography, Memphis Kick Ass headshots, Memphis family photography, and Memphis newborn photography. Simply put, she LOVES photographing people! Ramblin' Rose Photography is also available for travel to just about anywhere in this great big world!